Blivene’s Talents

Lee Kum Kee TVC

Posted on: May 7, 2010

For that popular cooking ingredient, this TVC was shot Nov 09 and aired in January  2010.

Our mother talent Feon Lai (blue) & Berecca (yellow) are involved in Lee Kum Kee TVC!

The story goes like this: Feon lai was  invited to her best friend’s house for meal. She was amzed by the food cooked by her best friend. Finally she was told that all the dishes were cooked with Lee Kum Kee oyster source.

After some tasting, they both looked impress with Lee Kum Kee’s oyster sauce!

Trivia: There was actually a scene where Feon was eating the prawns cooked by her friend. She had to repeat many times as the scene required her to shoot from different angles. She has eaten more than 10 prawns in order to complete that particular scene.

I really hope the prawns tasted delicious!


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