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Well well well, why are we not surprised?

Lately we have been working with I Love You Pets quite closely, and we managed to provide three of our most hot-selling talents to the magazine to be on cover.

For the first issue we had Fishy and her Sugar Glider, then it was Cheesie and her princess Maltese.

And for the latest issue, it is huge.

Just look at that gorgeous golden retriever!

S-MaryVene says in the interview that she loves big dogs because it gives her a sense of security. And she also shares her experience when she visit an animal shelter during on of her program shooting.

Grab that magazine off the shelf and read more about her!

Interested to book S-MaryVene for your ad? Contact us!


It is Cheesie!

Well, this is not only just about her, but her cute fluffy pet Maltese called Cheddie. (She named her after Cheddar cheese).

Behind the scene.

Interview while she was having lunch. Poor thing, it was a long shoot!

You can get the magazine at most newstands and even pet shops.

Blivene is really glad to provide both the model and the pet to be on I Love You Pets cover!

And that’s not all.

Wanna guess who’s next on the cover?

Stay tuned to find out.

Our celebrity blogger Cheesie is recently being interviewed by Max from Ai fm, in her humble little crib!

She was dressed in red in conjunction with the CNY theme. And she was definitely having fun with Max who interviewed her about her blogging life and stardom.

Cheesie and Max the DJ.

Max has also blogged about her in mandarin on his own blog.

To read more, you can go to Chengshiblog.

One of Blivene’s latest print ad is this heart warming ad for Wyeth Milk powder.

It is about a young mother (talent provided by Blivene) guiding her little kid to learning.

Remember that Blivene provides all sort of talents, from all walks of life and all stages of age. Drop us an email if you need us. :)


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