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I love pets. Do you?

Posted on: January 15, 2010

How many of you here are pet lovers?

Blivene is very honored to have had the opportunity to work with the latest pet magazine–I Love You Pets!

And guess who’s in the first ever issue?

Who else but our beloved Fishy!!!

In the magazine interview, Fishy talks about her pets Koyo and Hana–two tiny little sugar glider.

She talks about how she got to meet them, and how she takes good care of them when they were sick.

Fishy looking happy with her devil baby!

Who do you think is cuter?

Oh no… don’t eat it!

If you wanna know more about the story, you could check out I Love You Pets in major bookstores.


1 Response to "I love pets. Do you?"

OMG! it is amazing how they took the photos! It must have been a bloody challenge to get all the animals to be looking at the same place~

i wonder if a sugar glider is easy to keep. It looks so damn cute!!!

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