Blivene’s Talents

January Hottest!

Posted on: January 12, 2010

To start a brand new 2010, we present to you: Hwei!

Hwei has such a unique face one will never forget.

And then the next thing that catches one’s attention are her long pins that seem to stretch on forever. They are her biggest asset and they maker her the most outstanding fashion/catwalk model.

Instead of the typical cute/sweet/girl next door look, Hwei is full of personalities and she can pull off the most outrageous, bizzare and avant garde fashion shoot.

And due to her dancing background, Hwei is so flexible there’s really no difficult pose for her.

You are welcome to challenge Hwei for any extraordinary and bold fashion/make up shoot!

PS: This photoshoot is done by Otaku.  You can check him out at If you are interested to get Otaku to be their photographer, you can drop us an email!


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