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isabella by you.

Isabella is one of our popular talents who stands out from the crowd with her charismatic feminine aura.

She’s got a sharp feature that makes her super photogenic, yet with that feminine touch whenever she smiles. Isabella is someone you would love to engage in a intellectual conversation with.

She’s a dancing background an it’s not hard to imagine her being a kind dancing teacher in a studio.

female champion-mod by you.

Isabella  is working as a professional. And we are really amazed at how she manages to juggle between her full time work and her talent jobs at the same with great efficiency.

最上镜女上班族 by you.

With a great OL look that exudes professionalism and young enthusiasm, Isabella was the champion of ‘happy young worker 2009’ that organized by Smart Info Magazine, at the same time bringing home another subsidiary title—‘most photogenic’.

DSCN4633 by you.
Isabella started her part time career as a talent since years ago. She is involved in countless campaigns and one of her most prominent work was a in fitness equipment video shoot.


Overall Isabella has a very positive vibes to the people around her. That is why she is always involved in campaigns that often emphasizes on one’s healthy, energetic lifestyle and enviable youth.




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