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We need another full time female admin. Someone responsible, passionate, dedicated… you know the drill.

You will get to experience and learn a lot about event management, talent bookings, adveritisng and stuff like that.

Please send in resume to with the subject title: Resume.

Have a good weekend!


gan.08 by you.

The Mysterious Man–GAN

Height : 176cm
weight : 65kg
vital statistic : 36-29-37
Race: Half Chinese half Thai

gan.78 by you.

Our hot talent Gan has a very photgenic and asian face, which many people think has an uncanny resemblance to Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma.

Born with superstar features, Gan makes really good print model and spokes person for products. However, in real life he could be a little quiet at times, which adds a tad of mystery to his personality.

gan.56 by you.

With a great charming smile and eyes that could speak to you, it’s not surprising if we see him on TV role-playing as a mysterious and romantic lover melting every young girl’s heart.

gan.54 by you.

Of course, when he acts all serious and cool, he could more than qualify to pass on the manly charm.

gan.53 by you.

I do spot a watch/men suit ambassador here.

Gan’s Experience : Munchy’s TVC, china press hit hot column,  ifeel magazine, CIMA print ads, mirinda TVC, On the stage programme @ AStro, Super Challenge game show, etc.

Drop us a mail if you wanna book Gan as a talent. (We don’t mind if you want to send him a love letter too). :)


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