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During this sweet and loving season, Blivene has engaged mothers in some special mission. This Mother’s Day, they were playing the double mother role–in Munchy’s ad.

munchy's print ads on mina by you.

This is munchy’s print ads that involved all the ladies from different age, and they featured three mothers, from young to granny age, all from Blivene’s talents.

munchy's print ads on mina (2) by you.

The story is about a family enjoying a picnic day out by the lake, with Munchy’s crackers as gifts from the daughters.munchy's mother's day print ads (25) by you.

The young and innocent.

Teenage daughter : Goh 
Younger daughter : Sim 

munchy's mother's day print ads (10) by you.

Grandmother: Betty

munchy's mother's day print ads (6) by you.

Another two young mothers: Rachel & Poon.munchy's mother's day print ads by you.

A happy family day out.

These pictures are already published on Mina and Queen’s magazines. Check them out!


gan & fishy (Small) by you.

Our star talents were  invited to Pick n Brew  for a special day out!

Pick n Brew in One Utama is a cafe that was founded based on the ‘freedom to choose’ concept. Often times we are given more (or less) than what we bargained for. Here, it is all about you. Be your own barista. With five of the finest coffee beans available for your own coffee recipe, the possibilities are endless.

Also the spacious restaurant is also a perfect spot for you to hold your parties and gatherings.

IMG_1029 (Small) by you.

The signature of Pick n Brew: Moka Pot. The Moka Pot is the original Italian method of brewing espresso. The Moka Pot is Pick n’ Brew’s signature brewing method to bring you the powerful nature of coffee into each cup that you experience. Moka pots use natural steam pressure to force near-boiling water through loosely packed bed of coffee. Hot, yummy chocolate coffee, perfect for couples mushy mushily in love!

IMG_0961 (Small) by you.

His and Her couple mug sold in the restaurant. Something for you to remember your special date!

gan & fishy.2 (Small) by you.



Pick n’ Brew 
F233 1st Floor Promenade
One Utama (above 
Tel: 03-7726 0102
Opening hours: 
10am – 10pm


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