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Posted on: March 5, 2009

If you remember how Fishy looks when we first featured her a few months ago, you would be surprised at her latest transformation.

fishy . march 09 by you.

It looks like Fishy’s tresses are her best selling point! Our in-house beauty has just done another hair shoot for the Biaco. She has been appointed as the ambassador for Bianco and you will spot Fishy’s faces (and of course, her gorgeous hair) all around the salon.

fishy.march 09.6 by you.

This latest photoshoot showcased Fishy’s versatility. She could be the quintessential sweet, bubbly and jovial teenage popstar, but she could also very well be transform into a mysterious, sultry lady of class. 

fishy.march 09.8 by you.

fishy.march 09.3 by you.

Hmmm. Dreamy.

If you have a fan of Fishy, you can leave a comment here to tell her what you have to say to her!


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