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olesya s photo (3)_2dCD0 by you.
Name: Olesya 
Height: 178cm
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 60cm
Hips: 90cm

Almost 6-feet tall, this classic Russian beauty is our traveling model of the month from Feb to May 2009. Olesya reminds me a little of  Hayley Westernra, with her natural blond hair, bright blue eyes and angelic smile.

olesya samosled [220109] (10)_3Ccf2 by you.

Oslesya does mainly high-end fashion spreads, her slender and lanky frame makes her a natural in the fashion industry.

olesya samosled [220109] (8)_edcDb by you.

olesya s photo (7)_aedfA by you.

olesya s photo (2)_bC4Ea by you.

As Olesya will be returning to her home country in May, please email us asap if you need Olesya for any events.


Advertising has got no end to it, if you are a talent, your opportunities are unlimited!

However you may find your niche of what you do best as you go along gaining experiences.

Most of our talents are good at print ads. Though it sounds like an easy thing, there are so many different types of print ads, and just to name a few, commercial print media can include magazines (most common), newspapers, brochures, catalogues, wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, posters, and the backs of event tickets and supermarket receipts.


munchy's (1) by you.
munchy's (2) by you.

Evana in Munchy ad.


munchy's (3) by you.

munchy's (4) by you.

Our very own Fishy in another Muncy print ad!

ifeel mag-hair report by you.

Another of Fishy’s hair ad for ifeel Magazine.

We learn a little bit of something everyday don’t we?


The term voice-over refers to a production technique where a non-diegetic voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film, theatreand/or presentation. The voice-over may be spoken by someone who also appears on-screen in other segments or it may be performed by a specialist voice actor. Voice-over is also commonly referred to as “off camera” commentary.

The term voice-over can also refer to the actual voice actor who performed the recording. The terms voice actor, narrator, voice artist, and announcer are all similarly used.

Blivene provides voice over talents as well. We have all female, male and kid voice over talent with any accent/dialect.

You name it, we have it.

If you aspire to be a talent of any sort, the first thing you need to invest is a comp card.  Do you know what a comp card is?

joanna john-edited by you.

Example of a comp card from one of our Blivene’s talents.

A comp card (also called composite card, zed card, sed card, often misspelled set card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as their portfolio andbusiness card. 

A comp card typically contains a minimum of two pictures — cover page with full size portrait and a second page with a selection of representative shots from the portfolio — and the model’s basic stats — typically height, weight, three sizes (bust, waist, hips), shoe size, eye and hair color, nationality and contact information.

jasmine loh by you.

Comp cards have been around for many years as the essential marketing tool for a model and are likely to retain this standing because they are an inexpensive way to effectively and professionally showcase a model’s ability. Composite cards are used on three major levels—they are used by models, agents and the agent’s clients.

Currently, models have many different options of creating comp cards. They can ask their photographer, create their own on their computer using today’s selection of image editing or graphics software. 

If you have your comp card ready, you can send in to us to be featured on this blog and to be presented to our potential clients.

Mail us at!


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