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Fresh like Sashimi

Posted on: November 26, 2008

If there’s anything fishy about this lass, is that she looks suspiciously familiar, yet you know you have not met her, but cannot pinpoint who exactly she reminds you of either.

And her name, is Fishy. A new face, fresh and young.

fishy 78 by you.

She has done Vitagen tvc, Dynamo TVC, was starred in an MV shoot for a local celebirty, and also showcased her dancing talent in some performances for us such as Junior Idol, etc. Now that could possibly be the reason why you feel an uncanny distant connection with her look, but Fishy is just about to embark on a glamorous journey in the modelling field.

fishy 4 by you.

Sweet and bubbly like candy, Fishy would be a perfect to speak for youth, cheerfulness and vitality. But just not any diabetes related product, really. This highly photogenic girl would also be most suitable for advertorials, print ads, TVC and MV shoots.

fishy 34 by you.

fishy 90 by you.

Fish’s Profile

Name: Fishy

Height : 158 cm

Weight : 38kg

Vital Statistic : 32, 23, 32

Talented in: acting, dancing and singing )

Please contact us if you ever think you need an eye candy like her to be on the cover. ;)


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